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100 Reasons to Support International Exchange Among TAICEP Members


Takashi Hisano, NIAD-QE

Amy Kawa, ECE Inc.

Serena Spitalieri, CIMEA

Event and Date:

October 5, 2020

TAICEP Annual Conference 2020


Presenters gave a first-hand account about three in-depth study visits undertaken by professionals from CIMEA (Italy), ECE (USA), and NIAD-QE (Japan) who shared resources, compared evaluation methodologies and, of course, participated in friendly debates about the hot topics in the field of credential evaluation! Through these experiences, they were able to learn from primary sources about the different systems of education, involvement in international conventions, and even how they differ in their practices. TAICEP promotes cross-country collaboration, and what better way to do so than to spend time immersed in another environment, and to share findings with the larger TAICEP membership.

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