The AACRAO Cuba Project in 2019 Part 7: Conclusion

I love sharing about Cuba, so I hope you, my reader friend, learned a few new things, even if they weren’t about the educational system of Cuba. Please understand any of the political views here are my own and do not reflect the views or policies at ECE. I just visited at a time of heightened political emotion, with the new president and constitution and increased threats due to their relationship with Venezuela, in a place where politics tinge every aspect of life. It was hard not to use that lens during my further reflections at home. I hope to continue sharing my findings regarding Cuba, ideally with a more practical, evaluation of the education system focus than the anecdotal approach here. But I think it is always important for us to be cognizant of some of the larger contexts of the work we do. And Cuba is a perfect example of how global politics can hinder, or at least challenge, our professional values regarding open educational exchange and mobility. 

If anyone has any questions about Cuban education or documentation, please feel free to post in the ECE® Connection Message Board and I or one of the other Cuba experts at ECE will try to be of assistance.

I still haven’t met with anyone from the Ministerio de Educación Superior (MES) yet, but I rode by it on a bus this year and realized it was close to our hotel. So I made a point on my last morning in Havana to walk over and take some pictures. For an institution that looms so large in my imagination, the actual size and fanciness of the ministry building was a little underwhelming. But that has done nothing to assuage my curiosity about MES overall. The planes de studio for all of the Cuban academic degree programs are in that building. What a tantalizing thought!

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Martha Van Devender  is a Senior Evaluator and has been with ECE since 2005. She specializes in education from Anglophone Africa and Latin America. She is also interested in online research and verification tools. Martha is serving as the TAICEP representative for the AACRAO Cuba project and enjoys writing and presenting on this topic. 



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