The AACRAO Cuba Project in 2019 Part 1: The Return

In 2018 I went to Cuba as part of a research team organized by AACRAO. I served as the TAICEP representative and was focused on credential evaluation issues. We traveled with a larger group of university students and faculty/staff. Our goals were to learn about the educational system of Cuba in order to produce a publication on the topic, update the AACRAO EDGE profile on Cuba, and promote Cuba and Cuban educational exchange via writings and presentations. As part of that promotion, I did a series of blog posts. They were popular on the ECE® Connection website, and lots of people told me how interesting they were.

At the start of 2019, we regrouped to see if we were making progress on our goals. Collectively, the group had done lots of presentations and written in several different contexts. And progress is being made on the EDGE update. But we had not achieved our main goal regarding a publication. We had been able to reflect on the trip and realize what went well and what could have gone better. We gained some perspective on the research experience. We felt like we could do better and fill in some of our research holes if we tried again with a more streamlined approach. So my colleague, Tanya Delgado, and I returned to Cuba earlier this year. With a smaller AACRAO team of two, we were able to fill in the blanks and hope to start writing, with our cohort from last year, our guide to the educational system soon. 

Since we came back, we got a better room than before. That water out there is along the famed Malecón.

Over the next several days I'll be posting blogs to share some of the stories and themes that were relevant this time.

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Martha Van Devender  is a Senior Evaluator and has been with ECE since 2005. She specializes in education from Anglophone Africa and Latin America. She is also interested in online research and verification tools. Martha is serving as the TAICEP representative for the AACRAO Cuba project and enjoys writing and presenting on this topic. 



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