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Accreditation Mills

by Allen Ezell

published by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions / AACRAO, 2007

(ISBN: 9781578580774)

From the publisher:

Accreditation Mills is the first publication of its kind to explore the growing influence and threat of accreditation fraud. The author, Allen Ezell , a previous contributor to Guide to Bogus Institutions and Documents and co-author of Degree Mills, uses his expertise and experiences as an FBI agent to create a comprehensive guide that will prepare you to recognize and expose bogus mills. The book gives a historical perspective of the problem, explores the relationship between degree mills and accreditation mills, and defines tactics used by mills to deceive the public. Accreditation Mills not only cites case-studies, and undercover operations, but also gives detailed examples of how individuals and groups have made a positive stand in the fight against degree mills and accreditation mills. Appendices, including a valuable list of state and federal authorities and specific names of false accreditors, can be utilized to protect institutions from becoming victims of fraud.

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