Al-Nahrain University (Iraq)

Al-Nahrain University was formerly known as Saddam University, and was considered Iraq’s premier university under the rule of Saddam Hussein. It was also previously known as Saddam University for Engineering and Science (or Saddam University of Science and Technology) which was founded in 1988, and merged with Saddam College of Law (1987) and Saddam College of Medicine (1987) in 1994. It was renamed Al-Nahrain University in 2003.

Al-Nahrain University has offered three-year bachelor's degree programs since the late 1990s. The academic year for the three-year programs is the calendar year, with each year divided into three terms (quarters). One unit represents one hour of lectures or two to three hours of practical work per week for a ten-week quarter. Holders of these degrees are eligible for entry into master's degree programs at other Iraqi universities.

The university has two campuses:

  1. Al-Jadriya Campus contains: College of Engineering, College of Information Engineering, College of Science, College of Political Science, College of Business & Economics, The Institute for Biotechnology Research (aka Biotechnology Research Center BRC), and The Central Library

  2. Kadhimiya Campus contains: College of Medicine, and College of Law

The university website provides access to lists of undergraduate and postgraduate level graduates.

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