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There is nothing more exciting than a new resource series in the credential evaluation world! If you are a devoted fan of The Connection (we love each and every one of you) you may have noticed that we recently introduced a series called ECE® Education System Charts and Keys. Yes, it is a long name but you quickly understand what ingredients are in the resource.  

As I am writing this, I think of the many recipe websites I look up when I want to make something new. How many times do you land on a blog that tells you all about grandma’s recipe history and how much everyone in the family can’t live without it? Those are the times when I bless the person that invented the “jump to recipe” button. Well, if you are like me, here is your “jump to country chart and key” button. Enjoy! There are many more to come! And those of you who want to find out more, please keep on reading.

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The new series, which you can find in our Resources section, provides a clean but thorough analysis of major educational qualifications and education levels in selected countries. We focus on the current education structures and their characteristics going back 10 years or so. Current credentials, qualification framework levels, recent or envisioned reforms are packaged into a nice set: an education system chart and a corresponding key with detailed descriptions of the qualifications, glossaries, and recommended country-system resources. 

Where did the idea come from? As a credential evaluator and occasional conference presenter, you might agree that it is sometimes difficult to find a current diagram of an education system. And good luck if you need one for multiple countries! Hence, the idea for a series of easy-to-read education charts that we can all use and enjoy. As a bonus, each chart comes with a detailed key that provides further explanation about the educational system in question. With 40+ years of credential evaluation experience, we work with the most relevant resources, professional contacts, and thousands of valuable credential samples to make the series a robust feature of The Connection. All our charts are free to download.  Connection Advantage® subscribers among you can download the full packet that includes the chart and the key. You also have access to thousands of our credential samples to enhance your experience.

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Majka Drewitz is a Research and Evaluator Supervisor and Senior Evaluator. She has been with ECE since 1999. Majka authored ECE Insights: Evaluation Tools for Russian Credentials and co-authored the third volume of ECE’s Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean series. She is a frequent trainer for the EAIE Academy. 



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