Standards for the Profession of International Credential Evaluation

The institution had all the hallmarks of a diploma mill – no street address, generic photos of smiling models in graduation gowns and mortarboards, promises that the degrees could be earned quickly based on life experience and without academic fuss. The

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Emerging avenues for electronic documentation

In my 2021 article What’s trending in online verification? I took a deep dive into our archives and made some observations based on data reported by our credential evaluation staff. In the article, I identified several regions embracing online verificati

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Conferences in the times of COVID

Conference season in international and comparative education recently came to an end. As the holidays approached and winter break arrived, most conferences were complete. There is time for rest and recovery before the Spring, when a new round of opportun

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Connection 2021: Year in review

It was a busy year for the ECE® Connection. In 2021, we saw the addition of: 84 news articles 20 blog posts 20 ECE® Education System Charts and Keys 1,000+ sample credentials 1,000+ message board replies Our blog posts provided insight on a variety of ev

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ECE volunteers

Earlier this year, as part of our ECE® Volunteers series, we had a chance to ask ECE President Margit Schatzman about our organizational philosophy on time off for service projects. In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we'd like to share some of her thoughts

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