Brazilian "Curso Sequencial" - what does it mean?

 Cursos Sequenciais (Sequential Courses) are officially recognized courses of study atGraduação (undergraduate) level, but shorter and more specialized than regular undergraduate programs.  Admission to a curso sequencial is based on completed secondary education (Ensino Medio) without the entrance exam requirement. 

Two types of qualifications awarded:

  1. Certificado de Curso Superior de Complementação de Estudos (Higher Education Certificate of Complementary Studies):
    • This program does not follow a specific structure. The student chooses most of the subjects.
  2. Diploma de Curso Superior de Formação Específica (Diploma of Course of Specific Training):
    • Minimum 2 years of study in a specific area. Minimum of 1600 hours, usually over 4 semesters/2 years
    • These programs can be found in the e-MEC database
    • Upon completion, students may transfer into a Graduação (undergraduate) program after sitting the entrance examination (e.g. Vestibular)
    • Students may also be eligible to enter a Lato Sensu program 

See a sample of Diploma de Curso Superior de Formação Específica in our Sample Documents (link) database.



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