Online Verification of Bulgarian University Degrees

The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Science offers a new online verification of degrees awarded from 2012. The Ministry website has two versions of the site, Bulgarian and English. At this time, the English version does not work correctly.


To verify the diploma follow these steps:

  1. enter the 10-digit personal identification number found on the diploma (for non-Bulgarian citizens, use teh other radio button and input the foreign citizen identification number from the diploma). 
  2. Enter the numeric CAPTCHA code
  3. Click the  "Search" button
The results confirm the name of the student, type of document issued, type of degree, name of the institution, professional field of study, and specialization.  From this page, you can enter the registration number of the document and where it also brings up more information: date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, duration of the program, qualification and copies of the actual documents.



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