Canada reopens its borders

As of August 9th, the Canadian government has begun allowing fully vaccinated travelers from the United States into the country for non-essential travel.

With the Canadian government announcing that it will begin to open its borders more, we thought it would be important to provide samples of documents from that country.  ECE's Sample Documents on the Connection Advantage have been updated to include a variety of transcripts and diplomas from a host of Canadian institutions.

Other documents added to the repository last month include sample transcripts and diplomas from the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan   
  • Bulgaria              
  • Cambodia            
  • China     
  • Colombia  
  • Egypt
  • Germany    
  • Ghana   
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • India      
  • Iraq      
  • Mali        
  • Mexico  
  • Nigeria  
  • Philippines                          
  • Russia 
  • Rwanda  
  • Somalia (Puntland)
  • Sudan  
  • Tanzania        
  • Thailand      
  • Togo        
  • Ukraine 
  • United Kingdom               
  • Vietnam                 
  • Zambia  

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To learn more about the reopening of the Canadian borders, visit the Government of Canada website.




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