Concordia College and University Unrecognized

Concordia College and University (in Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Italy, Liberia, Pakistan, and United States) is not officially recognized as a degree-granting institution in any of these countries.

  • justlearning

    I find many listings of Concordia College and University in the publication of 2008-2009 American Council on Education. NY, Chicago, Irvine, Portland, Texas, Wisconsin, Ann Arbor, Selma?

  • Majka Drewitz

    There are many tertiary educational institutions that have "Concordia" as part of their name. Many of them are related to the Lutheran religious tradition. Concordia University in Montreal was established on 24 August 1974 via merger of Loyola College (a Jesuit institution established in 1896) and Sir George Williams University (a YMCA-related institution established in 1926). The Concordia in its name came from the motto of the City of Montreal, concordia salus (usually translated as "well-being through harmony). There is no institution with the name "Concordia College and University" in "2008-2009 Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education," a publication of the American Council on Education.



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