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Consejo Nacional de Educación (National Council of Education)

Website is in Spanish.

From the website (translated):

The National Council of Education protects and promotes the quality of higher education in the country, through the licensing of new private higher education institutions (IES), it is constituted as an appeal instance of some decisionsadopted by the National Commission of Accreditation, participates in the processes of revocation of the official recognition of autonomous higher education institutions, headquarters or careers and in the appointment of provisional administrator, administrator of closure initiated by the Ministry of Education.

Likewise, it has assumed two new functions: the supervision of state CFTs until obtaining their accreditation ( Law No. 20.910) and the supervision of pedagogical careers that do not obtain or lose their accreditation, for a period of time equivalent to the number of years of theoretical duration of the same ( Law No. 20,903 ).

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