Crisis in Afghanistan

Due to civil unrest, evacuation efforts in Afghanistan continue.  Countries around the globe are preparing to receive an influx of refugees.  The United States has announced it has plans to resettle more than 22,000 people from Afghanistan seeking refuge. The initial intake and processing will happen primarily in Washington DC, with refugees being relocated soon after.  Wisconsin, where ECE's office is located, is among a list of states set to receive refugees in the coming months.

As of this moment, it is unclear how the educational system of Afghanistan will be affected, but verification and access of documents will inevitably be a concern. Closure of higher education institutions and interruption of study will likely be another challenge. Many outside of Afghanistan are looking for ways to assist in the emergency response. 

How can we help?

  • While verification of documents will be a struggle, the ECE Connection Advantagehas over 100 sample documents available to compare and contrast educational credentials during this time.  In addition, the newly released Country System Charts and Keys will be adding Afghanistan as a resource next month.  
  • ECE Evaluator Amy Ullrich was previously in Afghanistan during an EducationUSA event and will be sharing her thoughts and perspectives in our next blog.
  • The ECE® Scholar Profile is also available for those who do not have standardized documentation and need to have their education evaluated. This report type was developed in an effort to assist students who may not have access to their credentials during humanitarian or environmental crises.
  • ECE® Aid is already gathering both financial and administrative support as we prepare to handle an influx of students requiring need and assistance.

The situation will be closely monitored and updates will be provided as they arise. 

For general information regarding the educational system of Afghanistan, please visit our Resource section:



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