Digital Documents: My eQuals (Australia, New Zealand)

Digital educational documents are becoming more and more common, with some being official and others less so. 

One service for issuing official documents is My eQuals, an online platform used by tertiary institutions in Australia and New Zealand to issue certified digital educational documents. This service started in 2017.

Students and graduates of institutions that use My eQuals have access to view their documents and control who their documents are shared with. However, only the issuing institution is able to upload or modify the documents. This ensures that documents shared via this system are authentic and legally valid.

Third-party recipients can register as a Receiving Organisation with My eQuals. As a Receiving Organisation, the recipient will have their own My eQuals portal with record-management options. 

It is also possible to receive documents via this system without being registered with My eQuals. The student can arrange to have a link to their official documents sent by email or send a PDF of the documents with a secure digital signature.

Documents received through the My eQuals system can be printed; however, the printed version does not include the security features of the digital version and is not considered official.

More information on My eQuals, including a list of institutions that use this system to issue documents, is available at or

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