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Think back to the beginning of this year. 

We were all still waiting for more information on the vaccination rollout; Covid variants were not in the news; and with many children still in virtual school settings, there were so many questions about what the rest of 2021 was going to look like.

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How is ECE involved?

In an effort to provide more assistance to our communities during the global pandemic, ECE wondered how we could help even more people through our ECE® Aid initiative. The U.S. healthcare system was a logical place to start. After initial research and a review of our organizational finances, ECE determined we could offer assistance to clients involved in healthcare fields, whether through further education, employment, or professional licensure.

Working with our existing ECE® Aid Participating Institutions, ECE donated 25 fee waivers for recipients with overseas education to help them enter the healthcare profession in the U.S. We thank our participating institutions for identifying recipients of these special healthcare waivers.

We’ve all come a long way since January 2021. Yet, there are still so many uncertainties about where this pandemic will take us as a community, a city, a state, a nation, and a world. Our intention is for this ECE® Aid Healthcare Response to be just the beginning. Market conditions permitting, ECE will continue to self-fund waivers for those who want to care for others in the U.S., as well as other refugees and immigrants through ECE® Aid.

As we continue to evaluate credentials for those who have received fee waivers under our Healthcare Response, keep an eye out for stories and more information in the coming months. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Zachary Holochwost has been with ECE since 2006 under various capacities. His most recent role as ECE® Aid and Market Research Manager has allowed Zak to utilize his knowledge in fundraising development and market research to better serve the philanthropic efforts of ECE and the marketing team.

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