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ECE® Education System Charts and Keys

ECE® Education System Charts and Keys detail the educational systems of select countries, prepared by our professional credential evaluators with more than 400 years of combined experience.

  • Education System Charts provide an overview of key qualifications and education levels. They are free to download. 
  • Education System Keys provide a detailed description of key qualifications found in the charts, including information about awarding institutions, program duration, national qualification framework levels, progression pathways, and many others. They are available to ECE® Connection Advantage subscribers.

Click the orange "Download" button above to read the Guide to ECE® Education System Charts and Keys. The document provides detailed instructions on how to interpret the information included with each chart and key.

Our collection includes:

  • Afghanistan compiled by Amy Kawa & Amy Ulrich
  • Australia compiled by Lindsey Gullicksrud
  • Brazil compiled by Karen Krug
  • China  compiled by Jade Jiang Rieger
  • Colombia compiled by David Jarvela
  • El Salvador compiled by Melissa Ganiere
  • Egypt compiled by Majka Drewitz
  • France compiled by Majka Drewitz
  • Ghana compiled by Melissa Ganiere
  • Haiti compiled by Majka Drewitz
  • India compiled by Charles Hoehnen & Benjamin Iberle
  • Indonesia compiled by Harmony St Laurent
  • Ireland compiled by Karen Krug (free preview)
  • Japan compiled by Karen Krug
  • Hong Kong compiled by Jade Jiang Rieger
  • Mexico compiled by Benjamin Iberle, Karen Krug, & Melissa Ganiere 
  • Nepal compiled by Matthew Holochwost
  • Nigeria compiled by Benjamin Iberle & Melissa Ganiere (free preview) 
  • The Philippines  compiled by Karen Krug
  • Russia compiled by Majka Drewitz
  • Rwanda complied by Melissa Ganiere
  • Saudi Arabia compiled by Nick Kelley
  • South Korea compiled by Amy Kawa
  • Spain compiled by Charles Hoehnen & David Jarvela
  • Syria compiled by Majka Drewitz
  • Taiwan compiled by Jade Jiang Rieger
  • Thailand compiled by Jade Jiang Rieger
  • Ukraine compiled by Karen Krug & Nick Kelley
  • United Kingdom compiled by Karen Krug
  • USA compiled by Melissa Ganiere
  • Vietnam compiled by Jade Jiang Rieger

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