ECE Welcomes Visitors from CIMEA

Visitors from CIMEA at ECE

We love going to conferences all over the world and sharing our knowledge. Often we get the chance to visit institutions and see how things work. When the opportunity arises for us to receive visitors, we are happy to host and show off our office, including our extensive library.

So when our Italian colleagues from CIMEA - Centro di Informazione sulla Mobilità e le Equivalenze Accademiche contacted us saying that they would be in Milwaukee in October and would like to visit our office, we were delighted to accept.  

Chiara Finocchietti, deputy director and Serena Spitalieri, credential evaluator, toured our premises.  They also met with our Italian education experts: Amy Kawa, Majka Drewitz, and David Jarvela.

The main topic of the day was document fraud relating to a project spearheaded by the ENIC-NARIC network: FRAUDOC - Guidelines on Diploma Mills and Document Fraud for Credential Evaluators. The project aims to reduce the occurrence of fraud and diploma mills in international admissions or quality assurance areas of education. 

CIMEA visitor tours ECE library

We also discussed related topics such as policy development, fraud detection, and legal ramifications of fraud in the U.S. and Italy. Both ECE and CIMEA are dedicated to improving fraud detection skills amongst credential evaluators through mutual cooperation, conference presentations, and professional workshops (EAIE Academy), as well as participation in initiatives such as FRAUDOC and the Groningen Declaration.

While in Milwaukee, our colleagues also took advantage of sampling some local cuisines and brews as well as visiting one of our own higher education institutions, Marquette University.

CIMEA and ECE at lunch in Milwaukee



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