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Earlier this year, as part of our ECE® Volunteers series, we had a chance to ask ECE President Margit Schatzman about our organizational philosophy on time off for service projects. In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we'd like to share some of her thoughts. 

Read Margit's response to why ECE supports employee volunteers: 

ECE exists with the purpose of making the world a better place. Our expertise and focus of activities ensure that educational qualifications are fairly and accurately recognized across borders. The work we do helps immigrants and refugees establish themselves as contributing members of their new home country. It allows people to obtain an education so they can apply their knowledge wherever they live to the benefit of their communities.

ECE staff members are a diverse group, with interests, knowledge, and talents that extend far beyond the exceptional selves that they bring to work each day to carry out their jobs. We wanted to acknowledge and support the creativity, kindness, and curiosity that extends beyond the workday. What better way than to support staff in their volunteer activities?

Service to the global community is one of our core values at ECE. Our staff members put that value into action through their volunteer work. ECE is happy to salute and support its employees as they volunteer. 

Over the past year, we hope you enjoyed reading about the interesting ways our staff members are putting their talents to work for the benefit of our global community.

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Margit Schatzman has been involved in international admissions and credential evaluation for over 30 years. She began at ECE in 1983 as an Evaluator. In 1985 she became Vice President. She has been president of ECE since January 1, 2007. She is a frequent speaker at U.S. and international conferences on topics such as credential evaluation principles and methods, and falsified and altered documents.



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