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ECE® Education System Charts and Keys detail the educational systems of select countries, prepared by professional credential evaluators with more than 400 years of combined experience. Read our Guide to ECE® Education System Charts and Keys for detailed instructions on how to interpret the information provided.

Education Chart:

Download Chart

  • Education System Charts are free to download. The one-page diagram is an overview of the main system of education within a country.
  • Education System Charts include the following:
    • Credential name 
    • Type or level of education 
    • Program duration 
    • Typical progression through the system

Education Key:

  • Connection Advantage® subscribers also have access to Keys, which supplement the information provided in the Charts. (The Ireland Key is FREE to download.  Get your free sample by following the instructions under "Accessing the Chart and Key"!)
  • Keys include credential details, such as:
    •  Admission requirements
    • Program duration
    • Level of education
    • Awarding bodies
    • Progression opportunities
  • National qualification level is mentioned if part of a framework and standard credits are included, if applicable.
  • For non-English language systems, a glossary of terms is provided.

Accessing the Chart and Key:

  • Click "Download Chart" below the Education System Chart to open and download the Chart image.     
  • Click the orange "View File" button at the top of the page to open the comprehensive ECE® Education System Chart and Key for this country

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