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Education in Haiti

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By Liliane Bauduy, 2014

Since the 1980s, the educational system of the Republic of Haiti has been undergoing changes in all sectors. When the earthquake of January 12, 2010 hit the country, the public sector, inadequate in terms of access and quality, was hanging on by a thread. The private sector was growing at an alarming rate without standards and supervision from the educational authorities. The natural disaster dealt a blow to the impoverished Caribbean nation that brought it to its knees and caused the near collapse of the fragile system. Around the world, all eyes turned to Haiti and after the initial shock, the country, with assistance coming from all corners of the globe, embarked on the road to recovery and reconstruction.

This book focuses on recent reforms in the educational system, including the change from a two-part secondary level Baccalauréat examination to a Nouveau Secondaire culminating in a single Baccalauréat examination; a new accreditation/recognition system for private higher education institutions; the development of new public regional universities; and changes in academic programs in healthcare and teacher education.

Many annotated samples of credentials are included that describe how to evaluate specific secondary and postsecondary documentation. We have provided profiles of  higher education institutions along with descriptions of their programs and grading and credit schemes. We are confident that this practical information coupled with the author's comprehensive description of the educational system will assist you in your daily work.

101 pages.

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