Ethiopia Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency (HERQA) renamed Education and Training Authority (ETA)

The Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency (HERQA) of Ethiopia was recently renamed as Education and Training Authority (ETA). The ETA will continue to oversee accreditation and quality assurance of private higher education institutions and programs, in addition to new responsibilities. According to a recent University World News article by Ethiopian Associate Professor Wondwosen Tamrat, the duties of the ETA will now also include regulatory functions on all levels of education, including technical and vocational education. 

While some ETA resources continue to cite the former HERQA website (, a new ETA website ( is also referenced. At the time of publication, neither website appears to be accessible from the United States. However, the ETA Facebook account provides regular information and resources, including the 2022 List of Private Higher Education Institutions with their Accredited Programs (Google Sheets), which can be downloaded. The 2022 document lists private universities and indicates the accreditation status of programs offered at each listed university. 

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