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Evaluating Foreign Educational Credentials, Revised

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A NAFSA e-Publication

Edited by Kathleen Freeman

From the NAFSA website:

This document is one of several Web-based resources called NAFSA e-Publications. e-Publications offer special features including Web pages, downloadable and printable PDFs, and customized tools.

Evaluating Foreign Educational Credentials: An Introductory Guide is a downloadable interactive PDF publication that helps you make sense of foreign educational credentials, and gives you a starting point for evaluations. Example documents are shown throughout.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the U.S. Education System
  • Accreditation, Documentation Required for Credential Evaluation
  • How to Research Foreign Educational Systems
  • Evaluation of Secondary School Credentials
  • Evaluation of Undergraduate Credentials
  • Evaluation of Graduate Credentials
  • Common Credential Types
  • Translating Credentials with Non-Western Alphabets
  • Translation Glossary
  • Non-Western Numbers

2016, 76 pages, Online Purchase Only, Item 136E

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