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The Impact of Bologna and Three-year Degrees on U.S. Admissions: A Focus on Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom

by Mary Baxton, Stanley O Ikenberry, Ann M Koenig, Suzanne Levine, Lisa Rosenberg

published by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions / AACRAO, 2007

(OCLC: 123025024)

From the publisher:

Increasingly, U.S. and other North American graduate and professional schools are finding it necessary to assess their admissions policies regarding international applicants with three-year bachelor's degrees. This monograph captures the presentations and discussions among participants from a November 2006 symposium coordinated by AACRAO in partnership with the Australian Department of Education, Science, and Training; the British Council United States; and the German Academic Exchange Service. The questions and issues raised at the symposium are discussed in this monograph, particularly as they relate to international student mobility; ways in which the adoption of three-year degrees–especially in Europe and Australia–affect U.S. admissions policies and practices; the Bologna Process and Europe's progress toward developing EU-wide three-year degrees.

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