Independent Examinations Board (IEB) to offer International Secondary Certificate (South Africa)

IEB International, a subdivision of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) of South Africa, has established the International Secondary Certificate (IEB-ISC) to be offered to students at independent schools outside South Africa. The IEB-ISC will replace the South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) for these students, because recent regulation changes prevent the IEB from offering the NSC outside South Africa.

The first assessment of the IEB-ISC will take place in 2022.

Quality assurance for the IEB-ISC is carried out by Stellenbosch University's Unit for International Credentialing. In addition, Universities South Africa (USAf) has stated that students who obtain the IEB-ISC with merit or advanced level and are offered a place at a higher education institution in South Africa have met the minimum requirements for admission to a degree program.

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