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Index of Secondary Credentials

Title:Index of Secondary Credentials
Publisher:International Education Research Foundation (IERF)
Publication date:2010
Notes:This publication can be obtained by contacting the IERF.

From the website:

IERF is pleased to present the Index of Secondary Credentials (2010) as a handy companion to The New Country Index: Making Sense of International Credentials (Volume I, as well as Volume II). This resource for registrars and admissions officers consists of three parts:

Part I is a listing of the names of secondary credentials from nearly 200 educational systems. The listing focuses on the “academic track” credentials which give access to postsecondary study in the host country.

Part II is a collection of sample documents from approximately 35 educational systems.

Part III is an article explaining the variations of the O and A Level qualifications found in the UK, many Commonwealth countries and international schools around the world. 


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