Iran Part 4 - Post-Secondary Technical and Vocational Education

Iran Part 4 cover image ECE's newest research provides a comprehensive guide to evaluating educational qualifications from Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran: Its Educational System and Methods of Evaluation will be released online in six parts.

Part 4 is now available.


Read an excerpt below:


The most recent and dramatic development in the technical/vocational sector has been the establishment of a single university to provide oversight and unification of all of the technical colleges. Founded in 2011, the Technical and Vocational University (TVU) has been tasked with designing, implementing, and developing technical training and professional education. Through the creation and promotion of knowledge, moral attitudes, and advanced skills, TVU's primary mission is to enable students to use science and technology and prepare graduates for immediate employment. TVU’s slogan is "Science is Beneficial." According to the Mehr News Agency, 80% of TVU graduates find employment within the first year after graduation.

Before TVU existed, the formerly independent technical colleges operated under oversight of the Ministry of
Education (MEDU). In 2011, they were legislatively placed under the new umbrella university. A new statute created the university to oversee the curricula and programs of all of the public technical colleges. With the establishment of TVU, government oversight was moved from MEDU to the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. Today there are 169 public technical colleges comprising TVU. These are listed in table 48 near the end of this chapter.



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