Iraqi students soon without official academic transcripts

In an effort to reclaim the cost of state-funded professional higher education, the Iraqi government passed a law which will require public university graduates to complete an employment service requirement before the university provides them with an official academic record of study.

The law targets three specific professions:

  • dentistry
  • medicine
  • pharmacy

Students graduating from these programs as of 2013 or later must complete a 7-year employment requirement in their profession in order to offset the cost of their education at public universities. Students who opt to pay the full tuition upon enrollment would be exempted from the employment requirement. 

It is unclear how many students may be able to cover the entire program tuition up front. It is also not clear whether the law will extend to degrees as well. 

At this time, public universities will continue to award the degrees, but they will withhold academic records until the employment requirement is completed.

  • rachelpyka

    This is useful information to our organization. Are you able to provide a source for this information?

  • Majka Drewitz

    Yes, we have been in contact with the Iraqi Cultural Office.



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