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The Islamic Republic of Iran: Its Educational System and Methods of Evaluation

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Title:The Islamic Republic of Iran: Its Educational System and Methods of Evaluation
Author:Bellin, William G.
Publisher:Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
Publication date:2015
ISBN:978-1-883971-29-8 (print)
978-1-883971-36-6 (PDF)
Summary:A comprehensive guide to evaluating educational qualifications from Iran. Originally released in six parts. All six parts are accompanied by a bibliography for further reading. Preview Part 1 for free.

Part 1 - Overview, Pre-primary, Primary, and Lower Secondary Education (pp. 4-43)
  • Government, educational oversight, and accreditation
  • Academic documentation practices
  • Pre-primary, primary, and lower secondary education
Part 2 - Upper secondary and pre-university education (pp. 44-81)
  • Secondary and Pre-University curricula and reforms
  • Technical and vocational training
  • Suggested US equivalents
Part 3 - Higher Education (pp. 82-130)
  • Information on higher education institutions and programs
  • Suggested US equivalents
  • List of recognized universities and higher education institutes
Part 4 - Post-Secondary Technical and Vocational Education (pp. 131-149)
  • Technical Colleges of the new Technical and Vocational University (TVU)
  • Sama Colleges of Islamic Azad University
  • Lists of Technical Colleges affiliated with TVU and Sama Colleges of Islamic Azad University
Part 5 - Healthcare Education (pp. 150-188)
  • Regulation and licensure
  • Allied Health Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine
  • List of higher education institutions recognized by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
Part 6 - Teacher, Social Worker, and Military Education, plus Persian Educational Terms Glossary (pp. 189-209)
  • Teacher education programs
  • Social worker education
  • Military university education


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