Kigezi International School of Medicine Unrecognized

Note: This item supplements the information provided in the Volume VI, Number 5 (29 March 2004) and Volume VII, Number 3 (23 March 2005) editions of this newsletter.

Kigezi International School of Medicine [KISM], owned by Ugandans and operated by Ugandans and Americans, was established in Kabale, Uganda in 1996. KISM did not include any contact information in Uganda on its Web site. An address, telephone number and fax number in Cambridge, England were listed under “contact details.” The office of admissions was located in Ripley, Ohio, USA. Basic science education was offered in Cambridge, but KISM was not officially recognized in England as a degree-granting institution. KISM told its students they could enroll in clinical rotations in England, Kenya, Uganda, or the USA. The Cambridge operations of KISM closed in October 2004. Effective 27 June 2005, the National Council for Higher Education of Uganda revoked the license of KISM to operate as a university. KISM was never listed in “Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education,” a publication of the American Council on Education.



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