Libya Minister of Higher Education challenges accreditation of 64 private universities

According to a University World News article, Libya Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Omran Al-Qeeb issued a statement in October challenging the accreditation status of 64 private universities. All but 10 private universities have been prohibited from enrolling new students, calling them "shops selling degrees". 

Currently-enrolled students at these institutions may continue their studies, but the institutions must apply for national accreditation or face closure. The 10 private institutions not affected by this decision are:

  • Berenice University of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Libyan British University
  • Libyan International Medical University
  • Al-Tahadi University for Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery
  • Khalij-Libya Faculty of Dentistry
  • University Of Alhadera for Humanity and Applied Sciences
  • African University of Humanities and Applied Sciences
  • Libyan University of Humanities and Applied Sciences
  • University of Tripoli Alahlia
  • University of Al-Refak for Humanities and Applied Sciences



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