Online Verification: University of Melbourne (Australia)

University of Melbourne provides online verification of UM graduates. The verification service also includes records of University of Melbourne afiliated and merged institutions (see list further below).

Required information needed to perform the verification includes the student's Surname (last name) and the Date of Birth. The verification results confirm three items: student's full Name, Qualification earned, and Date Conferred.

Note: Honours degrees completed prior to 1993 may not be verfiable as they were recorded in a different system.

Merged/affiliated institutions (excluding TAFE colleges) with earliest available dates for their electronic records:

  • Melbourne College of Advance Education (and its four precursors below) - mid 1989

    • Melbourne State College

    • Melbourne Teachers' College

    • Institute of Early Childhood Development

    • Melbourne Kindergarten Teachers' College

  • Hawthorn Institue of Education (and its precursor below) - 1995

    • Hawthorn Technical Teachers' College

  • Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) - 1997

  • Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture (VCAH) - 1997

Contact VCA directly for further VCA-related inquiries. Contact University of Melbourne for all other inquiries. Additional verification services are available for a fee.



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