Morocco to reduce duration of medical programs

Medicine programs at Morocco universities will be shortened from seven to six years as part of reforms to address shortages of healthcare professionals and increase the availability and quality of healthcare in the country. The plans also include increasing the number of seats available in medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry programs. There do not appear to be major curricular changes planned for the pharmacy or dentistry programs.

According to Morocco World News, Minister of Higher Education Abdellatif Miraoui communicated the changes to the presidents of public universities on February 18. 

The National Commission of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Students released a statement sharing details of the planned changes to the medicine curriculum: 

  • The sixth and seventh years will be combined into a single year of hospital internships 
  • The first five years of the program will remain unchanged
  • Students currently in their fourth year will be the first cohort to be subject to these changes

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