Moscow State Academy of Choreography offers a wide range of academic qualifications

Ballet education is a unique field of study. Unlike typical higher education institutions, it requires training from an early age.  Московская государственная академия хореографии (Moscow State Academy of Choreography), similar to other ballet institutions in Russia, is such an exception. It offers programs of study at all levels of education: basic, secondary/intermediate (uchilishche-level), and higher: bachelor's, master's, and PhD. 

The academy's Ballet Artist qualification, for example, is different from typical 3-4 year uchilishche-level programs which are normally based on completed basic education (Grade 9) or completed senior secondary education (leading to the so-called attestat). The academy's ballet artist program is 7 years and 10 months long after completed primary education (Grade 4). Thus, the curriculum incorporates basic (Grades 5-9) and secondary/intermediate education.



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