NAFSA's Listening Circles: An Opportunity During These Uncertain Times

For whom? As you are well aware, this pandemic has caused significant economic challenges worldwide that have affected all aspects of international education. If you have lost your job, been furloughed or are uncertain about your position going forward, you could benefit by becoming a part of a Listening Circle, offered by NAFSA's Phase II: Continuing Educators MIG.

What is a Listening Circle? It is a small support group, up to four participants, led by two facilitators who are experienced international educators and members of NAFSA's Phase II: Continuing Educators MIG.

How will this work? The Circle will meet for one hour for three consecutive weeks via Zoom or another suitable platform that can be accessed by everyone in the group. After three weeks, the group can decide if it wants to continue or not.

What will happen in the meetings? Phase II leaders will facilitate an atmosphere of listening, empathy, and support for members as well as sharing contacts and information relevant to the concerns discussed. This is not a mentoring program nor a job assistance project nor a counseling therapy group. The goal is to support international educators as they confront their professional challenges and navigate this new international education landscape.

How can you participate? If you are interested in participating, please complete this simple form. Feel free to forward this message to a colleague who might benefit from this program. The information will be used is assigning you to a group. If you have questions about the program, or problems with the link, please contact Val at

We hope you are truly interested in seeking support during this time and will choose to explore a Phase II Listening Circle.

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