Online Verification: New Zealand universities

Most of the universities in New Zealand provide an online database of graduates:

For the most part, the databases begin with graduates in the 1990s, but University of Canterbury goes back to 1980 and University of Otago to 1977.

The information required to search the databases includes the full name of the student, and often the year of graduation and name of the degree.

Some of the databases include graduates of Certificate and Diploma programs, as well as degrees.

Please note:

  • These databases include only those who have graduated. They do not include students who attended but did not complete a program, or those who have completed a program but have not yet formally graduated. 
  • These databases only confirm the student's degree, diploma, or certificate. They do not include transcript information.

Currently, all the universities in New Zealand (along with many in Australia) issue digital transcripts through My eQuals.

For more information on the university sector in New Zealand, see Universities New Zealand.

For information on the non-university sector, including secondary, vocational, and post-secondary education, see New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).



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