Who is issuing duplicates of educational credentials earned in Crimea?

As of 2014, individuals from Crimea who had lost their original documents issued in the Soviet or Ukrainian format can apply for replacement documents (duplicates) from their respective institutions in Crimea. These duplicates are issued in the Russian F

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King Faisal University's campus in Dammam, Saudi Arabia Renamed

King Faisal University's campus in Dammam became the University of Dammam on 24 August 2009. Update: On 28 November 2016, it was renamed Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University. This article was originally posted on 10/08/2010.

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“You shall not . . . Pass!”, or How to Figure Out What the Pass Grade Means

Finding grade equivalents from a diversity of different grading systems is a big challenge for the credential evaluator. From scales using points, ranges, letters, different combinations of letters, marks, word descriptors, or even geometric symbols, ana

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Al-Jabal El-Gharbi University split (Libya)

In 2017, Al-Jabal El-Gharbi University (also called Al Jabal Al-Gharbi University or University of the Western Mountain; جامعة الجبل الغربي  in Arabic) split into two separate institutions, based on faculties located in different cities. The two institut

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Online Verification: Estonian database for school-leaving certificates

Verification of Basic Education and Senior Secondary Education certificates awarded since 2004 is verifiable through a national database: Go to: https://enda.ehis.ee/avalik/avalik/htdoc/HtdKontroll.faces Enter the number of the credential (Dokumendi nr)

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Online Verification: Daffodil International University (Bangladesh)

Daffodil International University in Bangladesh offers online verification of certificates, provisional certificates, and transcripts from 2014 on. Documents can be verified at http://erp.daffodilvarsity.edu.bd/#/ by selecting the type of document and en

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Attending IECHE in Saudi Arabia

On April 10-13 students and educators gathered in Riyadh to explore international education opportunities and examine developments in education in Saudi Arabia and beyond at The International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education (IECHE). As IECH

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Tallin University revokes degree due to plagiarized thesis (Estonia)

Tallin University Academic Committee voted to revoke the bachelor's degree of an Estonian politician, Rainer Vakra, upon establishing that his thesis was largely plagiarized. According to administrative practices at Estonian universities, graduates are a

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Online Verification: French Baccalauréat results

Results from the latest French Bac exams for all academies are available at https://resultat.studyrama.com/bac/ . Select the academy from the map and select the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the student's last name. Alternatively, use th

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New era name for Japanese dates (Japan)

The era name, which identifies the year in Japanese dates, is set to change on May 1, 2019, when Crown Prince Naruhito assumes the throne upon the abdication of his father, Emperor Akihito. The new era name will be Reiwa (令和). Heisei (平成 ), the current e

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Credential Evaluation Tips for Chinese Grading Scales

As a credential evaluator, when I am working on a transcript, looking for the grading scale information is always one of the first things I do. Applying the correct grading scale is an essential part of credential evaluation, as the grading scale used fo

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Online Verification: University of Santo Tomas (Philippines)

The University of Santo Tomas offers online verification of undergraduate and graduate students who have requested their official transcript of records from August 3, 2015 up to present. Go to: https://registrar.ust.edu.ph/onlineverification Enter studen

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Tyumen universities merged (Russia)

Tyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering  (TSUACE) and Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (TSOGU) were reorganized via merging of TSUACE with TSOGU as its new subdivision ( per Order No. 1535 dated 29.12.2015 “The reorganization of

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State of Orissa now known as Odisha (India)

In 2011, the Indian state of Orissa officially became known as Odisha, and the name of its official language became known as Odia instead of Oriya. While the new name has been incorporated into some institution names, like the Odisha University of Agricu

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Institutional merger creates Moscow Polytech

Moscow Polytechnic University ("Moscow Polytech")  was created in March 2016 via a merger of Moscow University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI) [Университет машиностроения (МАМИ)] and Moscow State University of Printing Arts named after Ivan Fyodorov [Мо

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Instituto de Educación Superior “Dr. Domingo Cabred” now a faculty of Universidad Provincial de Córdoba (Argentina)

Instituto de Educación Superior “Dr. Domingo Cabred” was founded in 1960. Variations in institution name include Instituto Superior del Profesorado de Psicopedagogía y Educación Especial “Dr. Domingo Cabred”. It is now the Facultad de Educación y Salud “

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Ukraine introduces new certificates for primary and secondary school graduates

Following a March 6th meeting, the Ukrainian government approved the idea to introduce new educational credentials for students completing primary and secondary schools. свідоцтво про здобуття початкової освіти (Certificate of Primary Education) awarded

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An Introvert’s Guide to Navigating International Higher Ed Conferences

I’m definitely an introvert.  I’m not painfully shy, and I’ve even been in situations where I genuinely enjoyed getting to know strangers (I never expected to have so much fun while networking in my latest job searches), but given the choice to attend a

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Technological University Dublin established (Ireland)

Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) was established by law on 1 January 2019. It was formed by merging Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Tallaght, and Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. It includes campuses in Grangegor

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Secondary school gold medalists exempted from university entrance exams according to new law drafted in Azerbaijan

According to a proposed draft of the new "Law on General Education" of Azerbaijan, secondary school graduates who obtain the "gold medal" diplomas will be exempted from the general entrance exams to universities. They would only be required to sit an exa

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