Military Institutions and Academic Recognition

When faced with academic credentials from a military institution or academy, a head scratching moment often occurs followed by three main questions:

  1. Is this particular military institution in this particular country accredited or recognized?
  2. Is this degree program equivalent to a US degree program?
  3. Could you consider credits from this military institution for transfer credit?     

Generally  speaking, a military institution cannot exist without official  government approval. But military institutions often fall  under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense, not the Ministry of  Education. The institution may not show up in the usual resources.

In cases of military institutions that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, ECE recognizes that the Ministry of Defense (or other government entity) is acceptable as formal recognition/accreditation for military institutions.  

The next step is to determine if the degree is equivalent to a US program of study and if credits could be considered for transfer credit.  Here is where the structure of the program is crucial.

  • If the program focus is military training, such as a program to train officers or  infantrymen, we would generally not recommend a degree equivalency or credit transfer.
  • If the program is more comparable to a civilian degree program, such as engineering or computer science, with some military courses incorporated, we would generally recommend a degree equivalency or credit transfer.

The structure of the program and the courses within the program are ultimately the determining factor in whether or not a degree program from a military institution is credit-worthy.

Zachary Holochwost is a Research & Knowledge Management Evaluator and has been with ECE since 2006. He also oversees ECE’s philanthropic initiative as ECE®Aid Administrator.



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