Second Anniversary of ECE® Aid Brings Many Successes

As we approach the 2nd anniversary of the ECE® Aid initiative on August 22, there are many great successes to highlight. ECE® Aid offers hope to internationally-educated people who may find the cost of a credential evaluation a barrier due to circumstances beyond their control. They may feel trapped in a job that is not their chosen field or profession. Some may be looking to continue the education they started in their home country but was cut short as a result of conflict or a natural disaster. In many cases ECE® Aid is the assistance that someone needs to fulfill their dreams and find relief in being able to provide for themselves and their family.


Since the launch of ECE® Aid in 2016, over 120 recipients have received a fee waiver through the initiative. And more recipients are currently working with our team to complete their evaluation reports. With each new week we add ECE® Aid recipients to our list of those receiving a fee waiver, and in doing so we continue to accomplish our goals of helping as many people as possible.

The first half of 2018 has seen an outpouring of inspirational ECE® Aid stories. For example, Fouad’s account of fleeing to Egypt and then the U.S. to further his education. Or Edith’s educational pursuit after leaving Colombia. We met Prashant and heard about his life after becoming a refugee as a result of an earthquake in Nepal. These are people who suffered much and strove for more. They never gave up hope. You can find all of their moving accounts and additional stories on our website.  


The continued success of ECE® Aid is dependent on our participating higher education institutions, resettlement organizations, and other nonprofits. Trusted participants are ultimately the people who let us know who could most benefit from a fee waiver through ECE® Aid. Increasing interest in the initiative has allowed for more and more participants to join in support of ECE® Aid. There are now 31 institutions and organizations providing fee waivers to those in need. We are always reaching out to more potential participants and encourage those interested in providing fee waivers to eligible clients to fill out an interest form here: 

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Fundraising efforts

Likewise, the success of ECE® Aid is dependent on generous donations from current and past ECE® clients, our Board of Directors, ECE® staff, and outside donations from business partners and elsewhere. The support for ECE® Aid has been heartwarming and encouraging.

With the upcoming anniversary of ECE® Aid, we will launch our 2nd annual fundraising campaign on August 20, 2018. The campaign will focus on raising more funds needed to provide fee waivers to as many people as possible under the ECE® Aid initiative guidelines. We greatly appreciate donations of any size!  Contributions can be made here: 

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Together we have accomplished something special through ECE® Aid that no other credential evaluation organization offers. We continue to be inspired and feel gratitude towards our donors and supporters of ECE® Aid. Here’s to many more years of providing our services to all those who can better their lives through further education, employment, and the freedom of mobility from a credential evaluation.

Quote from Edith - an ECE® Aid recipient

Zachary Holochwost is a Research & Knowledge Management Evaluator and has been with ECE since 2006. He also oversees ECE’s philanthropic initiative as ECE® Aid Administrator. 



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