Online Verification: Argentinian public registry of university graduates

Created via the Ministry of Education Resolución 3723-E/2017  the Registro Público de Graduados Universitarios (RNGU)  offers, at this time, verification of university titles for 2012-or later graduates. 

There are different types of identity documents to use for this verification. The most practical one is the Documento Nacional de Identidad (D.N.I.)  or Cédula de Identidad (C.I.) because either one may appear on the official degree. It is either on the front of the diploma or on the back.

To perform the verification follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • For "Tipo Documento" select Documento Nacional de Identidad or Cédula de Identidad
  • Enter the D.N.I.  or C.I. number without the dots
  • Enter Last name
  • Enter First name
  • Enter captcha code
  • Click nueva busqueda (search)

The search result gives the nationality, name, qualification, and the name of the awarding institution. See sample below.



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