Online Verification: Russian federal diploma database keeps growing


Although not entirely comprehensive, the federal verification service database, which was launched a few years ago, now has millions of records that are verifiable online.  These records include:

  • intermediate professional education diplomas (uchilishche- and college-level diplomas)
  • higher education diplomas (university degrees such as bachelor, specialist, master)
  • Russian language certificates

The database only works for diplomas issued in the newest numbering system where the serial code number consists of two sets of numbers. It does not work for older diplomas with serial codes that include letters. The new serial code system was introduced around 2014.

When successful, the verification result displays the student's personal information and degree award details.


  • Diploma series# is the first set of digits on the left
  • Diploma# is the second set of digits on the right
  • All entries in the database search must be made in Russian, including the captcha code. 
  • Institution name search works with single or multiple keywords 



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