Ukraine introduces new certificates for primary and secondary school graduates

Following a March 6th meeting, the Ukrainian government approved the idea to introduce new educational credentials for students completing primary and secondary schools.

  • свідоцтво про здобуття початкової освіти (Certificate of Primary Education) awarded after grade 4
  • свідоцтво про здобуття базової середньої освіти (Certificate of  Basic Secondary Education) awarded after grade 9
  • свідоцтво про здобуття повної загальної середньої освіти  (Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education) awarded at the end of secondary school, after grade 11 (12)

The certificate (свідоцтво) awarded at the end of secondary school will replace the well known "atestat" (атестат) certificate inherited from the Soviet education system. The new documents will also include Braille font for the vision-impaired.

Update 10/09/19: See Sample Documents for an example of the new Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education.



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