Online Verification: Updated link for Russian federal diploma database

The federal register for diplomas for secondary professional education and higher education in Russia can now be accessed at this site:

You will have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page until you see the text in red сaps СЕРВИС ПОИСКА СВЕДЕНИЙ О ДОКУМЕНТАХ ОБ ОБРАЗОВАНИИ. Click on the bar underneath with "Открыть" (Open) and the familiar online form will appear.

See original post for additional information about the database:

  • GCEvaluators

    Are all diplomas with the new series diploma format (2 sets of numbers) included in the database? Or does it begin in a specific year? 

  • K_Krug

    In theory, it's intended to include all diplomas from 2014 (when they introduced the new format), and they've started adding older diplomas as well. However, as with any online database, it may not be totally comprehensive. In other words, just because a diploma is not in the database doesn't guarantee that it's fake.

  • GCEvaluators

    Thank you Karen.  I didn't know whether to be concerned or not.  



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