Raising standards for teacher training in Poland

As of October 2019, new regulations in Poland have introduced higher educational standards for the teaching profession. All teachers will now be trained at the magister level. Qualified teachers with only licencjat  degrees will be covered under the grandfather clause, but new students will have to earn a magister degree to become teachers. Students can pursue teacher training in one of the following formats:

  • Subject-teacher training of the first and second cycle ( 3 + 2 licencjat  and magister), or uniform 5-year magister programs
  • Early Childhood teacher training offered only as uniform 5-year magister programs
  • Exceptional Education teacher training offered as a uniform 5-year magister program, or as a post-diploma (studia podyplomowe) program for those who are already qualified subject teachers

These new standards also include an increased number of instruction hours in pedagogical subjects such as Psychology, Pedagogy, Practice Teaching, Didactics and Voice Training.



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