ECE in the Time of COVID-19

Across the globe we are all living with a viral pandemic. Like everyone else, we at ECE are navigating new realities. Our focus is on continuing to serve our clients around the world while keeping healthy and positive.

We Are Here for Our Community  

We know how stressful these times are for those applying for our reports, our higher education partners, those who use ECE® services, and our professional colleagues around the world. Our business continuity plan is in place. All professional and support functions are operating normally and with the high level of quality you expect from us. We continue to provide the following:

  • A commitment to timely delivery of evaluation reports. As of March 18, reports are being completed in an average of just under six business days.
  • Full customer service via LiveChat, email, and as-needed phone support.
  • Copies of completed reports issued within 24 hours of receipt of order.
  • Normal updating of the ECE® Connection and Connection Advantage.
  • Access to professional staff and other ECE® assistance to professional colleagues.
  • Prompt updates on our website of any service changes due to government mandates or other circumstances.

A Little History  

From our founding in 1980, ECE has supported a flexible and compassionate work environment. As technology has changed, we now support remote work for over 75% of our staff. The remaining staff can work staggered or off-hour work schedules. This flexibility has allowed our staff to have a rich balance in their home and work lives. Staff value their ability to provide exceptional service to our clients while remaining fully engaged as parents, supportive spouses, and as caregivers for elderly relatives.

ECE® Business Continuity  

ECE's normal policies, including this flexible and creative scheduling of our workforce, support business continuity. By providing access to health insurance, medical time off, and remote work, ECE is well positioned to follow current best practices to keep employees healthy while continuing to conduct normal business. For those who must or choose to work in the office, we have a roomy office and separated workstations that allow for social distancing. As changes in the public health environment test our practices, we are currently exploring enhancements to remote work capacity and other ideas to continue business operations in a sensible and healthy manner.

Prudent Practices & Behavior 

Like people around the world, we will continue to encourage science-based best practices. Our staff are doing all the things that will help to “flatten the curve” to limit transmission of the virus and alleviate strain on our local health care system. These include frequent hand washing and good hygiene, practicing social distancing, limiting unnecessary travel, and staying at home if feeling ill.

The Future  

I am hopeful that soon our local, state, national, and global communities will recover from the illness and disruption being caused by the virus. Hope is powerful, but it is not a strategy. Let's all focus on the actions that we can take as individuals and groups to keep ourselves and others healthy and positive through this unusual time.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for good health and a strong spirit.

Margit Schatzman




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