ECE® Behind the Desk: Research Evaluator

What in the heck is a Research Evaluator?

Did you know that “wiki” is the Hawaiian word for “quick”? 

It’s okay... I didn’t either. That is, until one of my kids asked me what Wikipedia means. I said I didn’t know, but we would learn together. As a research evaluator, I’ve come to accept that I won’t always have the answer, but I know how to search and where to find it.

As I told my kids, Wikipedia can be the first place you go, but not the last place you look. Unless, of course, it’s your company’s own personal wiki that houses all policies and important decisions. That’s what we have at ECE®. Our own private country wiki that captures all vital aspects of credential evaluation components, from grading scales to credit conversions to admission decisions.

The daily routine

One of my tasks as a research evaluator is to keep this wiki updated. Since international comparative education is dynamic and constantly changing, it is a never-ending job. Education ministries are announcing curriculum revision, structure adaptations, and a myriad of other improvements on a nearly daily basis. This means our internal resources need to be updated on a daily basis, as well!

But that’s just one “joy” of being a research evaluator. The other is assisting the general evaluators with hard to solve cases. Can’t find the credits for a program? Unable to locate the admission requirements for a degree? Ask a research evaluator!  We are responsible for doing the “deep dives” when an evaluator isn’t able to locate answers on the surface. 

Credential evaluation projects

Some other tasks of this role include finding and redacting credentials for our Sample Documents hosted on the Connection Advantage. ECE® also prepares curriculum reviews for various institutions, which is generally done by a research evaluator. In addition, I help evaluators prepare sessions for conferences and trainings, both internal and external. Powerpoint guru and professional Googler aren't in the official job description, but I've added them to my resumé anyway.

While I believe "research evaluator" is the perfect fit for my specific background and personality, I'm aware that there are a multitude of roles that make credential evaluation successful, both within ECE® and at other institutions and agencies. Stay tuned to hear more about the various positions required to go from application to a final report!

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Melissa Ganiere is a Research & Knowledge Management Evaluator and has been with ECE® since 2006.  She specializes in education from Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia, along with refugee documentation and online verification. 



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