ECE® Behind the Desk: Document Specialist

As part of our ECE® Behind the Desk series, we'll be giving you a tour of the various departments and roles that work together within our company. Follow along to learn the steps we take to get from an initial application all the way to the final credential evaluation report. Today we're looking at a vital component in comparative education...the documents!

What is a Document Specialist?

ECE cannot prepare our evaluations and assessments without various educational credentials. These include diplomas, grade reports, affidavits, and a myriad of other types of all shapes, sizes, and formats. What exactly happens to all the documents that are mailed and emailed to us from all over the world?  Enter the Document Specialists!  

Document Specialists are the first to interact with the customer’s documents. We prepare the documents so that the Evaluators can then assess the file.  

What does a Document Specialist do? 

We are the recipients of all of the mail and emails into the office.  We scan all documents that we receive into our system and then we route them where they need to go for their next step! It sounds pretty simple, right?  

What if I told you I actually do a lot of investigative work?  I match every document to a customer in our system and determine the source of the document.  This can be a challenge sometimes due to the limited pieces of information provided, but I am always up for that task! 

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I also inspect every document forensically, to determine whether it is an original issue, certified, or a photocopy, and locate any security features.  Document Specialists are trained and kept up to date on papers, printing methods, and all possible security features, which I am endlessly fascinated with.  It always feels like a treasure hunt looking for any of these special items on a document. 

So many documents!

I identify and organize the various types of credentials digitally, so that when the Evaluator receives this digital version, they have an exact and clear understanding of the document, as if they were holding it in their hands themselves.  I am a researcher and archivist at heart, and I am never bored with my work.  I love seeing how different schools issue documents, and how formats change over time. 

With the rise in digital documentation and the various secure methods in issuing them, I also work extensively with processing these. ECE has strict regulations for determining and capturing the origin source.   

Document Specialists are one of the few staff at ECE who physically interact with the documents, and we base our entire workflow around their security and safety.  Each set of documents represents a real person, and their achievements and goals. Obtaining a credential evaluation report is one piece of their journey, and I'm grateful I get to be a part of that!

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Jamie Baird is a Document Specialist and just celebrated her 10th year with ECE.  She has been working with documents and managing customer orders since the beginning, and currently trains others in this role as well. She is an expert at locating "lost" documents and solving complex accounting mysteries.



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