ECE® Behind the Desk: Evaluator Associate Specialist

As part of our "Behind the Desk" series, we are looking at the various departments within ECE® and how they work together to produce a credential evaluation report.  We have explained the role of a Research Evaluator and a Document Specialist.  Now it's time to find out what happens after the documents are received, but before the report is complete.  Enter the Evaluator Associate Specialist...or EAS.

What in the world is an EAS?

Evaluation Associate Specialists assist Evaluators with their correspondence and with the finalization of evaluation reports.  We work very closely with the Evaluators and make sure pertinent information is relayed to the customers and vice versa. This ensures evaluations progress as smoothly as possible.  Additionally, we type the evaluation reports so they are ready to go to the next and final stage of mailing.  Our job often requires some investigation skills which I personally love.  It feels good to be able to help customers in any way possible and our team does a great job of this.  

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From finding mailing addresses that don't exist to tracking down documents that are needed for report completion, we are responsible for nearly every detail involved in the report production. We locate course titles and contact schools for information when necessary. If a credential evaluation report was a movie, then the Evaluators would be the producers, while the EAS's would be the actors, the costume designers, and the stagehands.  We might even be the stunt doubles! 

The bridge between a report and a person

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When students are confused about the difference between an original document or one that comes directly from an issuing institution in a sealed envelope, we help explain what is required. If a representative from a school or university has questions about our reports, we get them in touch with an evaluator to help explain our methodology and reasoning. At the end of the day, I like knowing I played an important part in the credential evaluation process.  It feels good to know I may have helped someone continue to achieve their educational goals.

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Lori Nichols started at ECE®  as a Customer Service Representative nearly 9 years ago.  She then became an Order Fulfillment Specialist, and eventually moved on to become an Evaluation Associate Specialist.  She is currently the Evaluation Associate Supervisor.



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