Accredited Institutions in Kosovo

Agjencia e Akreditimit te Kosoves [Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA)], along with the National Council on Quality (NCQ) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, is responsible for  the accreditation process of higher education institutions and programs in Kosovo.

Institutional accreditation leads to a specific institutional status defined by the KAA as follows:

  • Private institutions which have satisfactorily met all the standards and criterions laid out by the KAA and NCQ are accredited as "colleges".
  • Private institutions which have partially met these same requirements are accredited as "institutes".
  • Private institutions which have met the requirements for non-degree program offersing are accredited as "higher professional schools".
  • College-level institutions can recruit a higher number of incoming students than institute-level institutions. Higher Professional Schools can enroll an unlimited number of students and admit students who did not pass their maturity exams (secondary school leaving credential).
  • As of 2009 no private higher education institution has received a "university"-level accreditation status.

Programmatic accreditation targets specific programs and defines the validity of their accredited status as follows:

  • Full program accreditation is normally valid for 3 years.
  • Conditional program accreditation is normally valid for 2 years unless otherwise specified in the final review report.
  • Recruitment of new students is not allowed for programs which have failed to obtain accreditation.

Accreditation decisions are endorsed by the government and posted on KAA's website ( )

Private providers accredited as "colleges":

  1. “AAB-Riinvest”
  2.  “Fama”
  3.  “UBT”
  4.  “ISMI” (Institute for Studies of International Management)
  5.  “Victory”
  6.  “Iliria”
  7. "Dardania"

Private providers accredited as "institutes":

  1. “Universum”
  2. “Pjetër Budi”
  3. “Biznesi”

Private providers accredited as "higher professional schools":

  1. "Evolucion"
  2. "Factory"
  3. "Tempulli"


Public providers accredited as "university":

  1. University of Prishtina - officially accredited by KAA at the institutional level, but several of its programs have been declared unaccredited in 2010. For details of the report see Kosovo Government Decision 04/134, 14.07.2010.



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