Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions in Morocco

Moroccan higher education institutions (HEIs) include two types of institutions: recognized degree-granting institutions and private "authorized" institutions which need special prior authorization to function from the Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur, de la formation des cadres et de la recherche scientifique (Ministry of Higher Education, Cadres Training, and Scientific Research). Recognized degree-granting institutions award qualifications recognized at the national level, often referred to as the "national diplomas". Private "authorized" institutions award diplomas are intended for employment only. They are not recognized academically and they do not provide access into advanced degree programs at any public institutions.

In 2010 new legislation (drafted in 2007) introduced a new system of quality assurance in higher education, the "accreditation" system. Within the new accreditation system both public and private HEIs may seek accreditation of their programs. Accreditation granted for a program offered by a private HEI will no ensure its equivalence with the national diploma qualifications. To date, most public institutions have completed their accreditation process while no private institution has been granted accreditation.

Accredited university programs (filières accréditées) can be found at

Authorized private institution programs (filières autorisées) can be found at Authorization is the first step towards accreditation. Accreditation will not be granted retroactively.





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