Walford University (Online) Unrecognized

Walford University, a private entity promoting itself as an online education provider, is not a recognized degree-granting institution. Its online operation is registered to a Louisiana-based P.O.Box address and its IP registration is in Georgia.

Walford University claims to be accredited by the Accreditation Bureau for Higher Learning (ABHL) and the Commission for Online Education Standardization (CFOES). ABHL operates out of the same Louisiana-based address while CFOES operates out of Panama. Both website domain IPs are registered in the Cayman Islands.

  • André Hesselbäck

    Walford University has a twin called Ray University, www.rayuniversity.com. Both are similar to universities in the Belford/Rochville group.

  • Majka Drewitz

  • Majka Drewitz

    All in the family! I wonder how many more there will be?

  • André Hesselbäck

    @Majka I don't know, as some of them are difficult to find because of the robots txt file that blocks search engines. But there is also Nixon University, nixonuniversity.com, Greenlake University, greenlakeuniversity.com, McKinley University, mckinleyuniversity.com to mention but a few. There is also a large number (20 to 30, if memory serves me right) of high school sites like stenfordhighschool.com, and several unrecognized accrediting agencies like the Commission for Online Education Standardization, cfoes,org, the Global Online Accreditation Bureau, goeab.org and the National Accreditation Bureau fro Alternative Education, nabfae.org. Typically, the university sites are hosted on dedicates servers and on the .com top level domain, whereas the accrediting agency sites, also hosted on dedicated servers, are on the .org top level domain. Be careful: a few of the sites, especially the high school sites, have been viral.



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